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Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Parsnips Never Sleep

The past weeks have been largely consumed by the upcoming show at work, with a prominent distraction as my mother had another late night visit to the ER that resulted in another hospital stay. The coming two weeks are likely to be consumed in the same way, minus -- hopefully -- mom's health crises.

I'm designing lights for this show, so it's sort of a double duty situation since I'm still master electrician. Largely one of those how-many-hours-in-the-day situations.

Anyway, we finished most of the electrics load-in yesterday. Went to lunch at the Chinese buffet up the street. Dave, one of my overhire crew, got a certain familiar fortune in his cookie. Now it's getting a little creepy.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Look on my works, ye mighty...

Okay, so thanks to the TiVO and timely generous aide of Rob & Kathy (who sent me a well-travelled tape thereof) I've finally seen the LOST season finale. When it aired I was in the middle of tech for a show at work and forgot to put a tape in when I left for work that morning. (Actually, I think I had forgotten what day it was until I got to work and looked at the day's schedule.) So I called Rob, who I figured was TiVOing the show, and asked them to make me a tape. I then set up a media blackout until I could watch the show. (Not too hard during tech, since I pay little attention to the outside world then anyway.)

So I finally watched it the other night. And with all the uncertainties and cliffhangers -- who ARE the Others? DID they blow up Locke? what's with the arctic listening post? -- the thing that keeps tweeking my brain from somewhre off to one side is that four-toed foot of what must have been a giant statue. I mean, that is X-Files weird...

Thursday, June 01, 2006


So what DOES it take to get me to break my long silence and post of this thing? A great joy in my life that I want to share? A tragic loss? An issue about which I am so enraged or passionate that I simply must speak out? Or just some relief from the crushing depression that has defined the past year or so of my life. What? you ask.

All of those are likely candidates, or would be if any had happened. Such is not the case.

No. Rather, the motivation here was merely the very odd contents of the fortune cookie I got with some Chinese takeout the other night. Of course.

"Hard words break no bones, fine words butter no parsnips."