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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

's no snow day

I don't want to seem ungrateful for an actual official Snow Day at work. Really, I don't. They're rare enough.

I was up way early to battle my way in, then got the 6:57 AM phone call that this morning's 10:00 performance was cancelled — no schools — so I relaxed and decided I could take the time to have breakfast and a nice hot cup of tea before I set out, and it was a good thing I did, too, because I'd barely left when I got another call informing me that PLTC was, in fact, closing for the snow. So — no performances today, meetings all postponed, an actual "day off" because of the snow.

The thing is, there's stuff I need to get done at work. This would have been my first day back after having been away at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park for the past week. (We got a Snow Day during tech rehearsals there, or a Snow Half-Day, rather, but only because we were wholly on schedule and had no serious need for the time.) I'd figured on getting myself back into the swing of things at PLTC and getting caught up on the things I was able to back-burner for the past week. Some of that I can do or sort-of-do at home, so I guess I'll work on what I can. This is not a blessed-white-absolution Snow Day but rather a work-at-home Snow Day.

Plus, this means I now have no excuse for not shoveling my sidewalks.

< sigh >


Blogger  Jolie said...

Sorry you're stuck shoveling. But at least you have a snow shovel, yes? Try clearing a driveway of 1 cm-thick ice by using a gardening spade and a pitchfork. Southern ingenuity, that we have.

By the way -- what kind of tea? Was it good tea?

9:51 PM  

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