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Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Santorum Hits The Fan

I just saw this on the Philly Theatre Alliance website callboard:

JOB TITLE: Male Actor/Singer
ORGANIZATION: "The Teachings of Chairman Rick"
LISTING: Looking for a strong actor/singer to join an ensemble cast of a musical adaptation of Senator Rick Santorum's writings and speeches for the Philly Fringe Festival Sept 14-17. Music is composed by talented Philadelphia composer Tom Wilson Weinberg ("Ten Percent Revue", "Eleanor and Hick") Send resumes and headshots to producer Gershon Cattan at

I know one Fringe show I'll be seeing this year...


This post was supposed to be titled 100000, dead on even, to reflect the recent turnover of my Ford Ranger’s odometer to… well, you can figure it out.

Of course, that was more than a week ago. Obviously, I didn’t get around to the post very quickly. I’m not getting around to much of anything very quickly these days.

On a note that has almost nothing to do with my Ford's tipping the 100000 mile, I hate hot weather. The temperature's been tipping the 90 degree mark the past couple of days, and I feel rotten. No way around it, I hate the heat. I'm a through-and-through mammal and I like the ambient temperature well below my natural body temperature (which, incidentally, runs a little cooler than is generally considered normal for my species). The airconditioning at work, although inarguably preferably to the heat and humidity, has that problem of feeling somehow fake or unnatural. (Yes, I know -- it IS unnatural.) I just have not felt comfortable at all in the past few days.

What little does this have to do with my Ford? The airconditioning in the truck is, I discovered when the heat hit, busted. The expense is bad enough, but I don't even know when I'll have time to take it in to get it looked at.

Bleh! :-P