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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Coming Attactions Sometimes Too Forthcoming...

I hate it when movie trailers give away key plot points of a film. It just pisses me off.

I just saw an ad for The Cave, a movie which I pretty much already knew I wanted to see based on the (very) little I knew about the premise. Some massive subterranean caverns; group of explorers go down to explore them; creepy stuff ensues – okay, maybe I’m not there opening day, but my interest was already hooked.

So I was interested when an ad came on during a commercial break in Stargate. Silly me. The ad quickly clarified what I already knew about the movie, then just as quickly went on to tell me things I didn’t want to know. The sort of plot twist I wouldn’t want to know until it came up in the course of my actually watching the film. Piss me off.

Hell, at least now I know when the thing’s coming out. And what it’s rated, not that that matters much.


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