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Monday, May 16, 2005

The Lighter Side of the Dark Side

Okay, when it comes to the new Star Wars films, I have enough problems with the movies themselves. Jar-Jar is just the tip of that particular iceberg.

But now I’m seeing these Revenge of the Sith ads everywhere. Not just for the movie. For everything. Yeah, I find the dark chocolate M&Ms commercial funny. (Even if I can’t seem too find the actual candy…) But I just saw a Burger King tie-in commercial, with Darth Vader coming face-to-face with The King, and it just creeped me out. I mean, that King is freaky enough all on his own. The heavy breathing contest with Vader was a little too much.

Also, with this movie being the first one to pull a PG-13 rating, Lucas babbling about how much darker it is than the other movies, and the fact that this is supposed to be setting up the Vader who was a great villain when I was a kid, these glib Vader cameo commercials just undermine whatever ability Sith could possibly have had to carry any real dramatic weight.

Ah, well. Maybe I’ll be able to find some Dark Side M&Ms in time to munch on them during the movie. Yeah, I’m going to go see it. Of course. Just not on opening night this time around.


Blogger Dave said...

a few thoughts...

1. Yoda has a blog, too

2. Lucas cares not about character and script, it's all smoke & mirrors... and product tie-ins.

3. i'll see it too, if only to watch Ani burn. ;)

4. Bai Ling was probably the best thing about EP III, and she's been tossed out for posing nude in Playboy.

12:11 PM  
Blogger Greg! said...

"... Bai Ling was probably the best thing about EP III, and she's been tossed out for posing nude in Playboy."

Whaa? I knew nothing of this. I'm so out of the media loop. Not that I pay much attention to who's posing for Playboy, but still...

10:07 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

Not too thrilled with the "punny" ad that includes the line "Sith happens." If Lucas didn't come up with it, he should be whacked with a 2-by-4 for authorizing it.

1:59 AM  

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