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Monday, March 24, 2008

Dirty Rabbits & Creepy Gnomes

Lots of transitions.

Well, Glass Menagerie has closed. The rig will sit there for a week while we finish things next door on Getting Near to Baby, but next week it all comes down. Theatre: the ephemeral art.

Overall, a pretty good experience for me. I hope I can get Dennis Parichy, who's designing Baby, to chat with me about it a bit next week, if tech and previews are nicely lazy for us.

The aforementioned Baby opens on Friday, so we've a week of previews and final tech rehearsals ahead. The show features a bunch of these garden gnomes. When you spend too much time around these, they begin to get to you.

Lastly, this popped up on my Facebook:

Sure, it's just spam. And it's trying to tie in with the elusive Easter Bunny. And maybe it's just my own filthy mind. But...
The whole "Dangle Your Own Carrot" thing calls up some naughty ideas.


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