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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My kingdom for a...

My truck was in the shop from lunchtime Friday until late this afternoon. (Inspection turned into a bigger repair than I'd anticipated, but that's another story.) Being without my get-in-it-and-go transportation for a few days turned out to be a real splash-of-cold-water-to-the-face lesson in how utterly dependent I am on it.

It was also a reminder of how limited a selection of food I routinely keep in the house. I hardly ever eat all three meals at home, and often it's only breakfast. Good thing I like oatmeal.

Sure, I could have walked the few blocks to the trolley and gone grocery shopping at Trader Joe's in Media, right by the trolley tracks there. But then there's the prospect of toting the stuff back to the house from the trolley stop, uphill all the way. And we had such "nice" warm weather for part of the weekend. (<-- Note sarcasm, referencing the fact that once it gets much over 70° I consider it hot.) Maybe if I'd had once of those little collapsible carts...

Anyway, the dependence on the truck is even more sobering when I consider that a recent story predicted gasoline prices over the summer spiking past $4 a gallon in sections of the country.

Perhaps I ought to look into getting one of those little collapsible grocery carts...


Blogger  Jolie said...

I do have one of those cute little folding grocery carts. It's a relic from my graduate school years.

I also have a cute little Milano red Honda Fit Sport that gets 33 miles to the gallon in the city.

True luxury -- never being in a hurry, always finding a parking space, not caring about the price of gas.

But not to worry -- I'm sure one of the presidental candidates feels your pain in the gas.

5:21 PM  
Blogger Eric Aitala said...

Do I hear a Mini (or Mini Clubman) in the works?


1:51 PM  

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