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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Taking Care Of Business... eventually

Checking out my own blog, I've just been reminded that I never got 'round to posting about Bubba Ho-Tep.
I'm not in much of a mood for it at the moment, but I'll babble at some point. Maybe talk about Bubba and Shaun of the Dead. Good stuff.


Blogger Brian R Tarnoff said...

Hi Greg, infinite apologies for the browser/connection spasm that caused my comment on your Sin City review to be posted multiple times....

Not bragging, but, re Shaun of the Dead, I know one of the Zombies, and not just an extra, a featured Zombie, Nick Ewans who appears in the credits as Pyjama Zombie, and kills Penelope Wilton's character. He used to perform in the improv show when I was running it. He supplements his sporadic acting career with clowning for children's parties. He must be good, because in real life he's a frighteningly tall bloke, a kind of bastard son of Lurch and the big brained aliens on the original Star Trek. (I always wondered why he wanted to be paid in quatloos....)

6:31 PM  
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