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Monday, March 02, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside...

So I've been procrastinating shoveling the snow, and wasting time online is great for that sort of thing. I'm procrastinating in part out of pique -- the offices have today off as a snow day, but those of us in production need to keep to a real schedule, regardless of weather. The only time snow effected my production schedule was during an official declared Snow Emergency, when the lighting designer couldn't get out of NYC to get here for a focus session. So I've gotta dig out and face whatever the roads are like and get my chilly butt into the theatre, because we begin tech week rehearsals tomorrow at noon and everything needs to be ready. And the office staff folk get to sit at home, nice and cozy, and catch up on their reading or their laundry or whatever.

Thus, pique.

But mostly I've been procrastinating because I hate shoveling. Truthfully, I don't mind 75% of winter weather woes. I like snow. It's pretty, and not nearly so uncomfortable to be out in as rain. And I genuinely enjoy cold, at least until winds bring the -chill factor down into the single digit range. Then, not so much. But I simply hate shoveling snow. Hate it. Hate hate hate.

Thus, procrastination.

Ah, well. Needs must.

On a completely different topic, I commented on Rob's blog twice during my procrastination. Both times I got real actual words for the security confirmation thingy. Usually there're just clusters of hard-to-read characters. Is this something new, or just a very very odd fluke?

Wait. I'm still procrastinating.



Blogger Rob S. said...

You shovel well.

12:49 PM  

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