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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Even a man who is pure of heart...

It’s not a full moon, but…

I’ve just come out of the WORST guest designer experience I’ve yet had at PLTC. Evil, evil man. And I think his lighting design looks like crap, too, which only makes things worse. Bleh. :-P

We’re talking working 19 days straight without a day off. A number of them were 12+ hour days. I’ve done nothing in weeks. I need too see movies -- hell, I need to see people! – I need to read comics, books, roadsigns I haven’t seen daily for the past three weeks, I need to listen to CDs somewhere other than in the car while commuting to work.

Oddly enough, in the midst of all this I’ve actually been following a new TV show. On network, no less. On, believe it or not, ABC. It’s LOST, and I’ve been taping and time-shifting the episodes thus far. (“Taping” refers to the use of my VHS video cassette recorder, for those of you who’ve been sucked into the clutches of TiVo.) I know I should be watching Smallville, but this show had me curious and now has me hooked. I’ll probably praise it more at some point, if it manages to keep impressing me.

On a completely different note, may I refer to Rob’s question about Favorite Universal Monsters. I used to throw this out in conversation in a similar way to the Which Peanut? question. I think my FUM would still be the Wolfman. Gillman’s a close, close second.

On yet another completely different note, I find myself strangely unable to change the channel on the TV right now. I stumbled upon the Philly edition of MTV’s Real World, and I can’t look away. They’re a bunch of jerks, from what I can tell, but I like spotting Philly in the background. But, damn, they’re a houseful of jerks.


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