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Monday, October 27, 2008

Werewolves and Spaceships

No, this isn't a pirates versus ninjas sort of post, nor even a cavemen versus astronauts sort of a post. It's simply an admission, and a complaint in the form of a question.

I'll freely admit that there are situations in which I just keep banging my head against the wall. In terms of movies those situations often involve spaceships or werewolves. I'll watch pretty much anything with spaceships in it. This undiscerning willingness has resulted in my sitting through mind-numbing crap like Supernova and soul-abrading shit like Event Horizon. There were spaceships.

I'm the same way about werewolves. I really, really want to see a really, really great werewolf movie. Really. Maybe someday I will. In the meanwhile, I watch crappy werewolf movies in a futile attempt to fill the lycanthropic void in my soul.

So I popped Skinwalkers into my Netflix que and tried not to hope. And even though I should have known better -- did know better -- I still find myself feeling disappointed and wondering why -- why -- no one can make a good werewolf movie. 

Oh, and if there's a movie out there with spaceships and werewolves, I will watch it. I know it will almost certainly be terrible, but I'll watch it.


Blogger  Jolie said...

What would it take to make a great werewolf movie? What have the current offerings done wrong?

9:28 AM  

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